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“Get Single Property Websites using our Mobile Site


While this might sound too good to be true… it’s not. Read on to discover the in’s-and-out’s of my new Mobile Site builder software and why I believe it will help you land more clients and make more money!

Hey Offline Warriors,

I remember when my wife and I bought our first home. Before we even hired a real estate agent, we would get in our car, and simply drive the neighborhoods where we  wanted to live.

single property websites

  • Is the house still available?
  • What is the price?
  • And possibly get some basic info like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, etc.

Of course, this was over ten years ago, before everybody had a smartphone, but it’s sad to say, 10 years later, most real estate agents are still marketing the same way.

They are using that same old plain real estate sign in the front yard, hoping someone will call to inquire and leave their phone number.

What a shame!

I was thinking about this problem a few months back, and decided to do something about it.

Here’s What I Did…..

I was brain-storming one day and came up with a great idea… the ability to create a “mobile minislte” built to help a real estate agent sell ONE specific property.

What if while driving around you see a sign that says this?

mobile site builder

Wouldn’t that be very helpful?

But I didn’t want to create some plain, ordinary template.

I wanted to create a top of the line type of site; I wanted a Cadillac, not a Honda (no offence Honda owners) something like what the “Big Corporations” are using.

So, I did a little research, found out that the top of the line mobile sites should include these things:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • and jQuery Mobile

This type of code is the latest, most stable code out on the market today.

How do I know?

Look at all the big companies that are using this type of technology.

So why are these superstar corporations using technology like this?

It’s used by corporate giants like these because it builds great looking, feature-rich mobile sites that are as cross-browser friendly as possible.

It also produces a fully-responsive layout that looks great on just about any device that can access the internet… making its value skyrocket!

Heck, if the “Big Dogs” like Disney, IKEA, Rolex, Dodge and even Century 21 Real Estate are using them, then that is what I wanted to replicate.

So, I put my programmer to work on building me the top of the line mobile site for realtors.

I was looking to get back a Cadillac, and what I got back was 1: Rolls Royce! 


“Check out how our Single Property Websites look’s



mobile website builder


 single property websites

Order Mobile Site Machine or Ready made mini Mobile

Websites for your Properties !




So, As You Can See, this Mobile Site is pretty cool right? But there was still something missing…….. 




I knew there was still one problem left.

How do I make the finished mobile templates easy and fast to create? I had absolutely no desire to take a “night course” in jQuery mobile!

The answer my friend is my software… and that’s how the Mobile Site builder (Real Estate Edition) was born!

I created a custom piece of Windows based software that holds you by the hand and walks you through every step of the building process. If you can fill out a form on a website, YOU can build beautiful mobile mini-sites that Realtors will be impressed by. These single property websites are in high demand in these days that realtor’s are going to love it !

All you need to do is load up the mobile site builder software, click the button on the dashboard for the template you want to create, build your template, then upload to your server.


Regardless of which software version you choose, you will also get immediate access to the following valuable bonuses with our  mobile website builder:-

mobile site builder\


Here are some reasons why adding this tool to your mobile tool belt will give you some great advantages to making money.

Advantages like…

  • Gives you access to a great target market… Realtor’s! (As Realtors are marketers themselves, most are open-minded to new marketing ideas!)
  • Makes repeat business/ recurring income opportunities easy! (As each mobile site is built for an INDIVIDUAL property, they will need you again-and-again!)
  • The ability to offer a great-looking… feature-rich… in-demand “product” built with the latest technologies! (Mobile sites are hot and Realtors know home buyers are using their mobile devices look for homes!)
  • Point-and-Click! (Forget the need to learn complicated code… my Mobile Site Machine software makes building each site easy!)
  • Speed! (Each site takes just minutes to make… giving you the opportunity to crank them out and profit!)

That, in a nutshell, is what my Mobile Site Builder (Real Estate Edition) offer is all about.  To make sure that just about anyone could afford to get my new Mobile Site builder software (Real Estate Edition) I created the software in two different versions… Basic and Premium.


mobile website builder


  • A Static Image Template with Graphic Logo
  • A Static Image Template with Text Logo (in case the agent does not have a graphic  logo)
  • Five Different Color Variations